Sustainable Products

Creating More Sustainable Products is a Competitive Necessity


If you aren’t doing it – your competitors are or soon will be.

There is immense demand from consumers – and from other businesses – for product with less environmental impact or social impact.

There is great potential to improve existing products to become more sustainable.  Equal opportunity exists to create new product lines and define new markets.

The environmental impact of your current products is roadmap to defining what improvements to make and, eventually, what to communicate.

As a business, you must strive to constantly improve your products to meet changing customer demand or lose market share to someone who does it better.

Every company has opportunities but they vary widely among products, markets and, most importantly, the needs and desires of your customers.  Below are short descriptions of some of Phil’s work.

Recent Sustainable Product Work:

o  Strategic analysis of sustainable product opportunities.

o  Creation of “environmental footprint” to document product impacts.

o  “Sustainable Product Roadmap” to define a product improvement path.

o  Principles of “sustainable design” for an apparel company.

o  Specific criteria for product teams to use in defining and developing product.

o  Internal product rating system to help designers assess impact of designs.

o  System to rate and rank “environmentally preferred” raw materials.

o  “Design for manufacturability” protocol with a product design team.

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