Climate Change

Climate Change as a Business Opportunity

For every business, the future involves some level of effort to reduce the climate impact from your business activities.

It is likely one of your competitors has already taken the first step to baseline your energy use and greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide, methane and VOCs.)

Where Real Opportunities Exist

o  Done correctly, baselines of climate impacts in the right parts of the business become a roadmap to creating value.  Baselines can be calculated for products, raw materials, manufacturing, product logistics, vendors or retail.

o  Energy- few products and supply chains were designed to function effectively with $120+ per barrel oil – opportunities exist to analyze, realign and gain savings.

o  There is an immense and growing market for products and services that offer consumers, and other businesses, a quantifiably better environmental choice.

o  Communicating your actions – when those actions are real and meaningful – to your customers, the community and investors can bring significant business and brand value.



How do we start?

o  It is best to start small and steady; planning to create business value and competitive advantage as we go forward.

o  We identify the greatest opportunity for creating revenue and cost savings.

o  We sort through the confusion and create the business case.

o  We create the baseline that the business case leads us to – services, products, materials, manufacturing, logistics, supply chain or operations.

o  We plan the steps for real reductions in emissions and impacts that have the greatest return-on-investment or the lowest cost.

o  Starting with the end in mind, we plan how – and when – to talk publically about the work.

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