Completed Projects

Selection of Completed Projects

Sustainable Products

Created environmental design protocol for an outdoor products company.

Developed a “product index” to rank, rate and score “environmentally-preferred” materials and manufacturing processes for a large  footwear company and a start-up apparel company.

Developed and implemented a system to validate product claims of lower impact for a footwear company.

Created unique product baseline of greenhouse gas/carbon baseline for an apparel start-up.

Measuring and Reducing Environmental and Climate Impacts

Created baselines of environmental footprint – including carbon/greenhouse gas baselines – for more than 20 companies.

Developed environmental metrics and key performance indicators (KPI) for a metal products company.

Conducted a review of products and processes to determine opportunities for implementing sustainability for a regional bottled spring water company.

Implemented “LEAN and Green Manufacturing” for a machine tool company – resulting in an annual reduction of over 40 tons of toxic air pollutants, more than 15 tons of hazardous waste and more than 90% of solvent air emissions.

Developed a series of best practices to reduce pollution in a brewery and its supply chain.

Sourcing and Supply Chains

Created a domestic (US) sustainable sourcing strategy for a start-up apparel company.

Managed development and implementation of environmental metrics and systems for contract factories in a large footwear supply chain.

Reduced cost while closing all incinerators and implementing a waste reduction/recycling system at 45 footwear factories in 7 Asia countries.

Helped create more socially sustainable and more economically profitable micro-factories in rural Thailand resulting in a production base with more stability, local relevance, lower turnover and lower overhead costs.

Developed data system track to report supply chain progress on global environmental metrics for large footwear supply chain.

Conceived and built supply-chain-owned manufacturing waste recycling centers in China and Vietnam.

Managed design, review and construction of eleven wastewater treatment and water recycling systems at factories in China.

Developed and taught regulatory techniques for incorporating preventative measures into the environmental regulatory efforts of the Government of Thailand.

Taught small businesses in India ways to reduce both pollution and cost United States Environmental Protection Agency International Division.

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